Summit Commercial Facilities Group. We BUILD, we INSTALL and we SERVICE most any aspect of commercial facilities and our dedication to our customers is second to none.

Design Strength  

Summit’s design strength stems from melding our creativity with practicality and operational functionality for ease of use. Combining these design-attributes and capability-traits allows us to be a trusted partner from the beginning phases of new business planning through renovation project work.

Our professionals, with years of successful creative design and forethought, bring our customers a new groundswell of design-ideation quickly centering on how specific facilities might look, feel, function and perform simply by virtue of well-balanced and market-driven design.

Summit specialties include (but not limited to) restaurants, supermarket/grocery stores, food processing plants, corporate office buildings, and commercial building design.

          • Architectural Design
          • Interior Design
            - Space Planning
            - Furniture
          • Industrial Plant Design
          • Imaged and Specialty Flooring
          • Lighting
          • Signage & Architectural Elements
            - Design
            - Manufacture
            - Installation
            - Service



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“Summit turned a potential nightmare into a beautifully-functioning work of art. Our chefs had their ideas, management had their ideas, and facilities personnel had theirs, as well. In order to create an environment both pleasing to the customer and functional to the professionals, we had to find a company who could combine efforts and create a workable solution. Summit did it. And, since that first design/build, they have performed their magic for us in several locations. Summit gets it.”

– Space Planner, Twin Cities Facilities Design Management Corporation

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